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Commercial Spa Renovation

This project consisted of completely renovating a commercial spa which contained 8 massage rooms, 2 manicure/pedicure rooms, 2 bathrooms, an office and a break room.  The work was performed on weekends when the business was normally closed, between Sat 6pm and Mon at noon.  Each weekend was organized by selecting room combinations that resulted in a manageable workload.  The project was completed in 8 weekends.

As a result of efficient project management, hard work and dedication,
the renovation never impacted business operation or hours.

Each room got new cabinets, counters, stainless sinks, hardware and fixtures.  All massage rooms had louvered doors which were replaced by solid wood doors.  A door that led from the office to the main hallway was removed and boarded over.  Additional venting was installed to help airflow, some electrical was moved as necessary, and some new lighting was installed.  The break room got a 3-bay custom made closet with bi-fold doors, and significant floor space was reclaimed by changing the configuration of the sink-base, refrigerator and laundry.  The entire salon, including all rooms, hallways and the reception area were repainted (ceilings, walls & trim) and new rubber base molding was installed throughout.

    All hallway and door replacement work was finished in the same weekend so the salon maintained a consistent environment, which was especially important given the nature of their business.

These are just a few pictures of the project, including some before and after shots.

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